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Toolbox Implementation for Removal of Anti-personnel Mines, Sub-munitions and UXO

On the basis of the European Commission's Call for Projects, the TIRAMISU consortium, brings together the leading actors of many past or ongoing research projects in Humanitarian Demining to find/develop the demining tool box and making it available to the demining community.

Tiramisu25 Partners –11 Countries

  • 9 Academies
  • 9 SME
  • 2 RTO
  • 2 NGO
  • 1 IND
  • 1 EU –CROMAC

Coordinator: Royal Military Academy of Belgium.

    The TIRAMISU project aims to provide the foundation for a global toolbox that will cover the main Mine Action activities, from the survey of large areas to the actual disposal of explosive hazards, including Mine Risk Education. The toolbox produced by the project will provide Mine Action actors with a large set of tools, grouped into thematic modules, which will help them to better perform their job. These tools will have been designed with the help of end-users and validated by them in mine affected countries.

    The philosophy of TIRAMISU is to concentrate most of its efforts on technologies and methods that are the most mature while still investigating promising and innovating, less mature solutions.

    The objective of TIRAMISU is to provide tools which will:

    1. Improve the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of humanitarian clearing of anti-personnel landmines and cluster munitions from large civilian areas.
    2. Be integrated into a coherent and adaptable toolbox of mine-clearing activities.
    3. Be validated by users in the (mine) field.
    4. Be backed by appropriate training and support.

    To reach the required level of expertise the TIRAMISU team includes organisations that had been involved in the most important European and international Mine Action research projects over the last fifteen years. The TIRAMISU partners are building on their past experience on this topic, their long tradition of cooperating with each other, and on the strong links they have forged over the years with Mine Action Centers, demining operators and non-governmental organisations, in order to construct and assemble a toolbox representing a step forward in Mine Action. The toolbox will serve as the basis for a unifying, comprehensive and modular integrated solution to the clearing of large areas from explosive hazards.

    WITI is defining the procedures and means of the physical implementation of the disposal tools.

    WITI's role in the TIRAMISU project lies in defining practical validation criteria of the designed equipment and specifying the procedures, while having the eco-friendly aspect of neutralisation tools in mind.

    • The neutralization will involve disposing of RDX by means of its non-explosive decomposition, yielding environmentally-neutral and non-toxic products.
    • The prototypical destruction tools will involve two antipersonnel mine neutralisation sets – via explosion and via fire-setting method. The former method involves a set clamped onto hazardous objects to be destroyed, and the later will include a specially designed high-combustible materials adapted to burn through a mine or IED casings and which would burn the explosives found inside without initiating detonation.
    • The mine –clearing aspect includes designs of two demonstrators: of a remote-controlled mine-clearer (clearing the area from pressure-activated and tripwire mines) and of a light antipersonnel mine transport trailer (for transportation and temporary storage of Explosive Remnants of War – ERW).
    • The prototypical ERW and explosive containment vessel will also be designed and manufactured as one of the tools available.

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