Post-war period

After World War II, the process of restructuring the organisational structure of the Polish Armed Forces and providing them with modern armament as well as technical equipment. The contemporary military equipment and armament were outdated and worn out after the war. In order to create proper workshop, necessary for developing new armament and equipment models based on the latest scientific achievements, military research-development entities were gradually being created.

Pursuant to the Ordinance of Minister of National Defence dated October 15th, 1947 Research Proving Ground for Engineer Troops was established, becoming first such technical institution in the Polish Armed Forces.

The Proving Ground was transformed into the Research Centre for Engineer Equipment, which up to 1951 was subordinated to the 8th Department of the General Staff of the Polish Army. In the following years it was directly subordinated to the Chief of Engineer Troops of the Ministry of National Defence. In 1974 the Centre was subordinated to the Chief Inspector of Technology of the Polish Army through the Military Technology Research and Development Command. The next subordinations of the Military Institute of Technical Engineering were as follows: Development and Implementation Department and Armament Policy Department. On the 5th of January, 2007 the Director of the Armament Policy Department of the Ministry of National Defence sent a letter to the Institute with information that according to § 27 of Organizational Regulations of the Ministry of National Defence, Department of Science and Military Education at University Degree takes over the tasks of the unit being the direct supervisor of research-development entities.

As you can see, the outpost underwent a number of structural changes caused by the growing importance of tasks it was assigned. Finally, in 1976, it became the basis of Military Institute of Engineer Technology (WITI).

The Institute’s position and role have been strictly connected with requirements of engineer troops, which should have modern armament and up-to-date engineer equipment in order to perform essential tasks of supporting the combat operations.

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